The Step By Step Blueprint For Starting & Scaling
A Profitable Store with Influencers

Discover our EXACT same strategy


To grow   6-7 figures stores in time records through Influencer Marketing.

What is the eCom Archetype Masterclass?

Step-by-Step Program 

Ecom Archetype is a Step by Step program
that allows you to launch your Shopify Store from
scratch, getting it profitable in as short of time as possible,
, and potentially scale it to 6-7-8 figures. No matter
who you are, where you're from, or what your previous
experience are. 

More Of A Journey

Ecom Archetype is more of a journey than a static program.
A journey where its community will be united while moving forward.
A community where members share strategies,ressources,
ask questions and deliver value. And most importantly,
build up game-changing networks. 

The most adequate

and complete program ever built. Where original  
and advanced effective strategies are exclusively shared to its members in order to preserve its efficiency*. 
Presented by multiples Experts who generated over 5m$ in sells
combined and manage over 1,000,000$
of AD-Spend on testing campaigns through influencer marketing and several advertising platforms  each and every single month 
which assures having steps ahead of the whole industfry.

Not a ''For Dummies''

Ecom Archetype is not a ''for dummies'' fully technical 
program where its value only lasts for a few months. Resulting
in a loss of results once the industry changes. Even though the
instructions and guidlines within it are simple enough so that
anyone can follow them easily. Without any deep knowledge
on the Ecom field.

Archetype, as its name says

Ecom Archetype is a model that we starve
to continuously perfectionize in order for it to serve its members
in the most valuable way. Thus, Ecom Archetype is a Mixture
of both Theory and Technical application of its teachings.
Notably through a LIVE CASE STUDY in real time
where its exact same guidelines are applied in a Shopify store
made from Scratch. 

Everyone Needs Help And Advice

Everyone needs help and advice when tackling new challenges but true experts are out of reach for most people. 

Therefore, Two live Q&A calls + Two Group calls
where you get direct access to Yuri through a Zoom call are scheduled each and every week.


What you will learn?

Week 0: The foundations to succeed in E-Commerce

  • The ultimate mindset that forces you to succeed
  • Thoughts of a 7 figure e-commerce business owner
  • ​The secret of doing less to achieve more  

Week 1: Market research 

  • Spy on your competitors and find the killing winning products both on facebook and Instagram
  • ​Product validation system

Week 2: Seven figures Hidden Marketing Strategies

  • Why I have a HUGE advantage over the competition?
  • ​Sharing My best Instagram Offers that converts the best.
  • ​The secret Sauce to create the Killing Marketing offer that sells

Week 3: One product store 2.0

  • Store creation - Theory
  • ​Example of stores that converts the best
  • ​Step by Step Store creation
  • ​Create your Professional Instagram page 

Week 4: Influencer Marketing Mastery 

  • How to find  the most profitable influencers on all the different platforms ( Instagram, youtube and through Influencer agencies)
  • ​How to get Influencers to answer 
  • ​The exact criteria for a successful Instagram promotion
  • ​Scaling with influencers to the moon
  • ​The hidden power of snapchat and youtube Influencers
  • ​How to calculate the price of the influencers 
  • ​Analyse your results in a precise way.
  • ​Have access to our most profitable influencers, scripts and more..

Week 5: Case study

  • Recorded Case Study 
  • ​ALL-IN revelation from scratch Live Case Study application

Week 6: Retargeting  ( Coming soon )

  • Setting up your creatives/copies. 
  • ​Setup your Retargeting sales funnel

Week 7: Go to the next level ( Coming Soon )

  • Create your own brand
  • Make your store go on autopilot
  • ​Setup a strong backend


  • 3,000 proven and profitable Influencer List
  • Our Email scripts to contact Influencers
  • Access to our Exclusive Mastermind facebook group
  • ​Direct Access to Me 
  • ​Weekly Group calls

Frequently Asked questions:

Does dropshipping still works in 2020?
Yes, Ecommerce and particularily dropshipping has never been so powerful as it is now. The industry only grows with more buyers in it. But the industry changes, the strategies changes and the overall requirements and standards to be profitable are raising. Which gives the impression that dropshipping doesn't work anymore. And it is not the case. It simply eliminates the newbies who don't know what they're doing, and the get rich-quick obsessed. 
What is the structure of the course?
There are 8 modules divided between 8weeks. A quick summary of it would be: Mindset/Planification - Proven Market Research Strategies - Crafting your Offer - Setting up and Optimizing your Store- Influencer Marketing Proven Strategies - Retargeting - Advanced Branding - Case Study
Do you personally mentor all members individually
I don't have time to individuall mentor everyone who joins the program. I However, conduct  weekly live Q&A calls and group calls where I answer all the members questions. Which is the for  everyone. 
Is there a Private group for the course/masterclass members?
Yes, there is a Private group for the course members and a Private group  for the masterclass members where I am personally active and constantly answering questions  
and delivering value.
Do I keep access to the course?
Yes, all the content of the course/masterclass in hosted on a membership website where you have  permanent access to it. And where you can consume it whenever you want to.
How about if I miss the group calls and live Q/As?
Group calls are recorded and uploaded to the membership website ( kajabi ) Where you will have access to it whenever you want
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IMPORTANT: Earnings and Legal Disclaimers
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